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November 22, 2012


Richard Ferrer

Our work is in the townships on Early Childhood Development. We train the owners of home creches and I would guess the functional education level of these creche owners is generally around grade 3.
Some people who claim to have grade 12 can't count a pile of tee-shirts.
We recently advertised for an office administrative position. There were more than 400 applications, but only a few were worth interviewing, and only 2 who were capable. There really is a very large number of people who don't have jobs because all they are qualified to do is very low level work - labourer, cleaner, etc
Even Zimbabwe with all their issues has a good education system. There are any number of Zimbabweans who apply to us who I would love to employ but can't because they don't have RSA residence.
How is it possible to be so incompetent in the running of an education system?

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