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October 29, 2012



Thanks for the cool tunes! Enjoying the BEE posts! Keep pushing to get Rob to resign.

The current BEE SED and ED codes have allowed us to get great support for our work both as a community centre with its core being education and personal development in a township called Etwatwa, and in developing micro-entrepreneurs.

Isn't it ironic that Rob's proposed amendments will literally undo and reverse any progress made in terms of EDUCATION, PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, CARE FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST AND ECONOMIC KNOWLEDGE AND ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Seems Rob will do his best to destroy real education, development and business growth.

Business investment and ultimately employment creation follows risk based incentive programs - whether those be tax incentives, capital incentives, employment incentives. Companies overseas get great tax incentives for donating into charities - and so foster good socio-economic development and corporate responsibility.

But what is Rob's master plan - not incentives but PENALTIES. How can penalties foster growth and development?

Sorry Rob - you played your trump card and its a joker! Out with Rob and his team of mis-advisors! Time for Rob to say goodbye.

Paul Janisch

This is the kind of comment that a blogger can only dream about. You've got it so right. It becomes more and more apparent that the new codes are pandering to a very small black minority with little or no regard for anyone else. Why have they put in three pages on black VCs and not made any adjustments to broad-based ownership which is what Rob has been banging on about for a few years now.

Thank you for this

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