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December 18, 2011


David Isaacs

The Sunday Times article reads 'he-says she-says'. Is this even news-worthy or in the public interest? (the BEE speculation, not the piggyback tollroad story)? Beware the slow news week.

P Mantashe

Pienaar does stipulate SANRAL's BEE requirements in the article, which he claims were complied with, without the help of Matshaya. If SANRAL corroborates this (which the Sunday Times states was impossible due to the season), Matshaya's claim crumbles. Whether the Sunday Times will then assist Tolplan to repair its public image, after the damage the article did, remains to be seen.

Paul Janisch

Thank you - very valid point. The allegation of fronting carries a lot more PR weight than proving the act. I agree with you

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