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February 11, 2010



Great post but I do have one issue. BEE is supposed to be, and has the potential to be a great engine for economic growth - its how we think about it. So when you say that he said nothing about BEE bar the stuff about the advisory council, I am nonplussed. Isn't it BEE when he talks about green jobs, which he did, rural development, which he did, social cohesion, which he did and so forth. I know why so many do this, but it rankles when people talk about BEE only within the confines of the scorecard which I had perhaps naively thought was to bring alignment and measurement to other, more imaginative, more strategic and inclusive initiatives.
It is a great failing, in my book, that we have never addressed the subject strategically - and for confirmation just have a look at who within businesses bears responsibility for BEE.
This thing is the weak vessel it is because Government handled itself badly, business emsaculated it, and all the rest of us reduced it to a points scoring exercise.

Paul Janisch

Jislaaik. I think you have found the chink in my armour. Your points are very valid and far more encompassing than my desperate need to comply.

Your point about strategic thought and implementation is so valid because in many cases the codes are a lone voice for a better South Africa and often lack the backing powerful legislation. The preferential procurement is an example - the code encourages local production and shuns imports, yet there are no comprehensive tax or tariff structures to stimulate this. Similarly with skills development the codes want to see more learners in the workplace. The definition of a learnership must include unit standards and recognised qualifications - yet so many of my clients can accommodate learners in their field but the SETAs etc don't offer anything that meets their needs. So the only way to comply is to send non-core people on generic courses.

I am now going to go on a drive to see corporate tax reduced if a certain level of compliance is achieved. If this happens we'll see a greater level of transformation.


Keep going Paul. The fight needs people like you to soldier on. People who know how to navigate between Govt failin, business reluctance and laziness from the rest of us. As my Gramps used to say: there's cinnamon waiting for you in heaven!

Don't ask!

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well dear i enjoyed this post. Thanks for the information.

Paul Janisch

Thank you for readign the post and the comment. We poor bloggers sometimes think we are alone out there, a comment shows that at least someone is reading it.


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