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October 03, 2009


Henry Caines

After reading the article, I would have thought she was proposing corporate/ profit sharing, which my dear friend is actually more popular in the Western world for consultancies. In American corporate world you actually have employees being offered Associateships... Here Sir you were more on an emotional rant than throwing valid good points of reason.


Hells bells mate. Whilst I appreciate your reading my blog, I have no idea what you are saying.


Henry Haines

1.Article - I put it to you Cynthia - can you seriously prove that by extending the ownership of a private company to the workers you are benefiting them in any real way?

Response== Please refer to the American model of offering associateship to employees in an organisation..

2. Article - The shares ain't worth shit unless someone is going to buy them. And in a private company situation this is not going to happen readily

Response== the shares are worth something if they are offered to employees who now have to work extra hard to put value to them and enjoy the annual dividends, read profit-sharing

3. Article - I have yet to be convinced that ownership in a company where the shares are not readily for sale actually improves staff retention

Response - Please again refer to the American fellowships/associateships in small to medium companies. They have worked.


You article was meant as a critic on her proposals. Her article has more fundamental flaws which you did not raise except outrage at the issue of effecting BEE deals.

I agree with you that given her background as an investor/deal-maker, she is bound to make ludicrious assertions just to induce deal-making.. For her it means more commissions

The bottomline is that the government must induce the black folks to create their own family owned and run companies. To achieve this, it must use venture-capital companies as a vehicle for this. Blacks buying into other family owned businesses is not genuine growth or expansion....

My apologies for contributing on your blog.

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