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April 10, 2008



Hi Paul, great to meet with you at the breakfast. The saga of self-assessment vs. verified BEE Certificates continues to rage. However, I see here that you assist companies with self-assessments, in which case it is no longer a self-assessment but a consultant-assessment exercise. I do love my analogies so here goes: When learning to drive, one goes to a driving school who train and teach you the tricks of staying alive on the roads, when they feel that you are at a level of being competent, they book for the test at the licensing authorities so that you can get your official license (verified report of your capacity to drive). Now I see your role as one of the driving instructor for your clients where you assist them to stay on the BEE road and understand the road signs and rules of the scorecard to acheive a respectable score at the end, but you as the consultant/driving instructor have been working with the client and even though the driving instructor may feel that s/he knows the capacity of the driver and therefore would believe the learner is ready to hit the roads, at the end of the day an independent body needs to make that decision, not the learner driver themself or the consultant that helped them learn how to drive. That is why there is a Verification Industry.

I know you will probably tear that to pieces and I will enjoy your response. However, as mentioned at the ABVA breakfast, come and join us, with your knowledge and skills in the area of BEE, your debates on the ABVA website would be appreciated.

Paul Janisch

That is a very tempting offer. Thank you for your comments, Brigitte, they are really appreciated. I could take your analogy a little further along the line. As a consultant I am a person who does teach people to drive and once I have done that it is then up to them to ensure that they drive properly and obey the rules that taxis do not seem to concerned about.

My argument here strikes a little rough patch here because as a consultant I am not allowed to award a driving license. But then the regulations don't provide a verification agency with that right either. And I think that should be the point. Until there is some sort of a directive from the DTI as to whether a verification certificate is the only method of verification then both methods will be acceptable.

I will register on the ABVA site and join the forum. Thank you for the suggestion.

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